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Richard M. Cash, Ed.D.
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My teacher resource, Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century, brings together essential elements of curriculum design and the latest research on thinking and learning. It is a culmination of my journey as a student of learning. I’ve transformed the theoretical ideas I’ve gathered into practical, proven strategies that can increase students’ achievement and ultimately lead to their future success. Advancing Differentiation will lead you through the process of creating a thriving, student-centered, 21st-century classroom. Since its initial publication, the book’s materials have undergone rigorous testing and refinement in classrooms all over the world to deliver the best and most effective differentiation strategies.

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Differentiation for gifted students significantly differs from the ways in which educators differentiate curriculum and instruction for other students. Within a group of advanced learners, the variety of abilities, talents, interests, and learning styles can be formidable. Differentiating for them must go beyond adjusting content levels, task complexity, or product choice. For the first time, this book connects the unique learning differences among gifted students to the specific teaching methods used to tailor their educational experiences. Topics discussed include real-world problem solving, abstract thinking, interdisciplinary concepts, authentic products, learning autonomy, accountability, grouping practices, affective curriculum, 21st-century skills, Advanced Placement and Honors classes, IB programs, underserved populations, and twice-exceptional learners.

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Help students build motivation, resilience, and career readiness with this practical and engaging resource. To succeed in school, students need more than subject area knowledge—they must learn how to learn. Self-regulation, an executive functioning skill, describes the ways that students focus attention on achieving success. Self-regulated learners find personal value in learning, develop effective study habits, welcome challenges, seek help, and use failure as a learning tool. This user-friendly guide makes the process of developing self-regulation as easy as ABC: Affect (how you feel), Behavior (what you do), and Cognition (how you think). Teaching students to balance these three elements builds motivation, resilience, and college and career readiness. Digital content includes customizable forms from the book.

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Listen to Dr. Cash discuss Self Regulation with Emily Kircher-Morris. When should we expect students to show signs of maturity that indicate they are ready to learn self-regulation? How can we teach them? Catch the discussion, along with Q&A from listeners, and much more, on episode 16 of Mind Matters.


​Based on the needs of the teachers, school, or district, Dr. Cash and his team customize workshops or keynote addresses. The topics range from brain learning to creativity, differentiated instruction to gifted education. All of his workshops and keynotes are centered on research-based best practices and grounded in the pedagogy of talent development.
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“Dr. Richard Cash is one of the most dynamic professional development experts of our day. He has a special gift for making the connection between what is authentic and challenging for students and how these materials should be taught.”  

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis, NAGC board member, author, scholar, consultant 

Dr. Cash was very engaging and informative. But, hands down, the best part was his sense of humor and his energy! He really made me think.”  

Julie Rose, Loup City, NE

“Dr. Richard Cash is one of the most dynamic professional development experts of our day. He has a special gift for making the connection between what is authentic and challen for students and how these materials should be taught.”


Lisa Riggs, Associate Superintendent, Office of Academics
​San Antonio Independent School District, TX.

Dr. Cash is a charming and informative presenter. His information is so useful. He presents it in a way that makes sense and shows how it applies to the classroom right away. This certainly wasn’t a “sit n’ get!”

Michele Tiller, Springfield Platteview Schools, NE

“Richard Cash’s work is so cognitively stimulating it makes you think, rethink, and have multiple ‘Aha!’ moments.”


Antarina S. F. Amir

Founder and CEO of HighScope Institute Indonesia

“FIRST Educational Resources has had the great fortune of working with Dr. Richard Cash for the past six years. When Dr. Cash presents at our institutes and workshops, he continues to receive rave reviews from attendees as educators walk away with practical tools to enhance their classroom practice. Dr. Cash understands the complexities of teaching and learning and his resources are masterful in helping educators ensure higher levels of learning for ALL students!”


Antarina S. F. Amir

Founder and CEO of HighScope Institute Indonesia

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